Business Visa


The Canada Business Visa needs you to fulfill certain requirements to be able to go and work out some business deals. Firstly an applicant for this visa must know that the Canadian Business Visa is granted for a period of 6 months. Some applicants may also need to have a temporary resident visa, if they want to stay in Canada for specific period of time.

The basic requirements

The granting of the Canada Business Visa also depends on a few other crucial things like, where the applicant is going to live in the country and what is the purpose of his or her visit to the country. A person entering in to Canada on a business visa must know that intending to take up employment in the country will make them ineligible.

Other important rules

Knowing that you must leave Canada on or before the expiry of your business visa is also important. This will help you plan your activities during your stay in a better manner. Interestingly your business visit visa allows you to enter Canada along with a dependent and your children. The visa is useful for those who wish to explore business prospects negotiate on a business deal or attend a conference meeting.

You could also represent the employer for the above mentioned reasons or be part of a training session. Your eligibility further depends on various things including the finances to support you letter from inviting company and finally a copy of your IT returns. Consult VMC for more information on the same.


  • The Canada Business Visa allows you to explore business prospects, negotiate on a business deal, set-up process for his business to attend a conference meeting, representing the employer for the above mentioned reasons, to undertake or conduct training sessions.
  • You can travel through Canada on Business purpose.


To apply for the Canada Business Visa the following eligibility criteria should be met:

  • Applicants must prove that they possess sufficient funds to support themselves or from the Sponsor.
  • Letter from the company inviting you with support information.
  • Employments documents or business documents, IT returns.
  • Applicants must not intend to seek or undertake a job.
  • Applicants from certain countries may need a temporary resident visa.


Application Fees for Canada Business visa are:

Cost: CAD 100 and other charges.


The process time after submission is 27 working days.


Our Full Service & Processing Includes:

  • Advising you on the best strategy to get your visa.
  • Advising you on how to present your case so the chance of a personal interview is minimized.
  • Advising you on finances to be shown.
  • Advising you on documents to be presented.
  • Filling of forms.
  • Review of all your documentation.