What is Canada Business Visa? A detailed Guide

Thinking of starting your business in Canada? Then you should know about a business visa in Canada. This visa allows you to enter Canada and pursue your business. It is one of the ways a foreign national can initiate, buy, or make an investment in a Canadian business. Let’s learn more about Canada Business Visa in this detailed guide.

What are the Canada Business Visa Requirements?

What are the Canada Business Visa Requirements

Several requirements must be met to Canada business visa. Here are the main Canada business visa requirements demands:

Business Experience

You must show that you have experience running a business. This may be in the form of documentation that proves you have owned or managed a business in the past.

Business Plan

You have to present a detailed plan of your business in Canada. The plan has to show how your business will succeed and eventually create jobs for Canadians.

Financial Ability

You will have to prove that you are capable of raising the funds to start up and run your business in Canada. You would have to show the money needed to maintain you and your family as your business gets underway.

Language Ability

You have to be satisfied that you can speak English or French well enough to have your business running in Canada.

Security and Medical Checks

You have to pass a security check and a medical check that confirms you are fit to live in Canada.

Now, let’s see the different options under Canada business immigration.

What are the Canada Business Immigration Options?

Canada offers many ways business people can get into the country. Here are the main options:

Investor Visa Canada for Business Owners

The Investor business visa Canada is made for businesspersons willing to invest immense sums into a Canadian business. To be eligible for this visa, you are supposed to have a huge amount of money and be ready to invest it in Canada. This type of visa is good for those who want to make huge investments and help develop the economy of Canada.

Entrepreneur Business in Canada

An Entrepreneur Business in Canada visa is suitable if you want to start a new business. This type of visa is for people with a great business idea who want to begin a new business in Canada. One is required to have a good business plan and prove that his or her business will create Canadians jobs.

Self-Employed Visa Canada

The Self-Employed Visa in Canada is for those who want to work for themselves in Canada. This is a good category of visa for artists, athletes, and farmers. To qualify for this type of visa, you have to demonstrate that you have experience working for yourself and that you are capable of supporting yourself with your work.

Start-Up Visa Canada

The Start-up business visa Canada is for those who have bright ideas for business and are capable of creating more jobs for Canadians. To obtain this visa, you must have the support of a Canadian investor. Meaning, there must be a Canadian company that would agree to your business idea and help you start your business in Canada.

Provincial Nomination

Some provinces in Canada have business visa programs of their own. This is called Provincial Nomination. The requirements differ in each of these provinces; thus, you have to check the conditions set for the province in which you would like to reside and conduct your business. If you meet the requirement, the province will nominate you for a business visa.

How to Apply for a Business Visa in Canada?

Application for a business visa to enter Canada might sound hard, but if followed correctly, then it can be a pretty easy procedure. Here is an outline on how to apply for a business visa Canada:

Step-by-Step Application Process

1. Check If you are Eligible

Be in possession of the requirements necessary for a business visa: business experience, sufficient money for the business, a business plan, language skills, and passing health and security checks.

2. Be ready with your necessary documents

Gather all the needed documents. You will have to provide proof of your business background, a detailed business plan, proof of funds, language test results, and other personal documents.

3. Fill the Application Form

Log in to the official immigration website of Canada. Find the business visa application form and fill it out properly with all the correct information.

4. Pay The Fee of Application

For obtaining a business visa, there is an application fee that can be paid online. The receipt needs to be retained as proof of payment.

5. Submit The Application Form

Once the form is completed and the fee paid, the application can then be submitted online. Ensure that the information is accurate when submitting it.

6. Bio-metrics Appointment

After submitting your application, you might be required to take your fingerprints and have a photo taken. This is called bio-metrics. You will, thereafter, be notified where and when the appointment is to take place.

7. Wait for processing

After submitting your application and going through the bio-metrics, you then wait for the application to be processed. This takes a while.

Where to Submit Your Application?

You will make your business visa application online through the official Canadian immigration website. You will be provided with instructions as to where to go if you have to submit any documents in person or attend a bio-metrics appointment.

The Processing Time

The time it takes for the processing of a business visa application varies; it depends on many other factors, such as the number of applications being processed, if your application is complete, and many others. Generally, it may take some months, so the application should be done far in advance.


The options for obtaining a business visa Canada are boundless and can form the pathway for a new life and business, whether it’s as an investor, entrepreneur, self-employed person, or just because of a great start-up idea. Be certain to meet all the business visa requirements Canada and opt for a visa that is right for you.

If you need more assistance, it is advisable to contact Canada business visa consultants to walk you through the process.

Starting a business in Canada could be a magnificent opportunity. With the right help and preparation, you can realize your dreams of doing business in Canada.

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